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As of MARCH 17, 2020 …

All fwWesties events have been postponed.

We are instead meeting VIRTUALLY on scheduled WPG nights/times (and perhaps more often).


Everything below this point is outdated, but may have useful resources:

updated March 13th, 2020


  • If you are SICK or came into contact with others who are sick, please stay home. (:
    • COVID-19 has up to a 14 day incubation period – people may be sick long before they exhibit any symptoms.
  • WASH YO’ HANDS & SANITIZE often. (:
    It is REQUIRED if you are participating in our events. Wash hands periodically throughout the night and sanitize OFTEN between dances (and after sneezing/coughing/touching your face).
    • Washing hands requires soap and water for 20 seconds minimum.
    • NOTE: Hand-sanitizer is NOT effective if your hands are already dirty: WASH hands periodically also.
  • We will host WPG #58 (March 13) and continue to evaluate whether or not to continue events.
  • You are encouraged to DECLINE DANCES AND/OR CONTACT if you are not comfortable for ANY reason (including but not limited to illness).


In light of news regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) we are monitoring and considering changes to our events.


… we kindly ask that you stay home. (:

We know you want to dance! However, taking a “small risk” for yourself also puts others at greater risk – who may be caring for others who are in the category of high-risk for COVID-19 and cannot afford to get sick.

COVID-19 symptoms, similar to flu-like symptoms, include:

Additionally, if you have returned from travel in the last 3 weeks or live in an area with a sustained local transmission, or you have had close physical contact with a person who has COVID-19, we ask that you stay home and get well. (:


PLEASE wash your hands frequently, clean surfaces when possible, use hand-sanitizer, and avoid touching your face (and others’ faces). We will have as many hand-sanitizes and tissues available as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that you are encouraged to decline dances or contact with others if you do not feel comfortable dancing with someone or with someone who you suspect may be ill – this is always the case, but it’s worth repeating.

Consider these CDC-recommended prevention and precaution tips, including but not limited to…

  • Cleaning your hands often with soap and water (20 seconds minimum) and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Use hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or more) if soap and water is not available; cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until dry.
    • NOTE that hand-sanitizer alone is NOT effective if your hands are dirty; wash your hands regularly throughout the night and use hand-sanitizer often after that.
  • AVOID touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • AVOID close contact with people who are sick and put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community (especially important for people who are at a higher risk of getting very sick).
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or using the inside of your elbow.
  • Throw uses tissues in the trash immediately.
  • Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer (or use 60% alcohol-content hand-sanitizer if soap and water is not available).
  • Help clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces daily, including…tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.
  • Read more here about CDC-recommended prevention tips.

Please wash hands regularly and hand-sanitize frequently between dances and remind others to wash their hands if you notice them sneeze or cough. (: Let’s keep each-other healthy!

As of March 13th, we will continue to host WPG #58 (tonight, March 13th, 2020) and will be evaluating whether or not to continue hosting WPG & dances past tonight. We will approach WPG/events on a case-by-case basis. You can verify events are happening on the day-of-event by checking our official “Events” page or the homepage.

In summary: as of this moment we will continue hosting events, taking precautions, and evaluating whether or not we will need to pause future events.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you to the Westie Support Council for keeping us as informed and up to date as we can be.

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