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Below are the most prominent or active projects being developed at the moment. If you have some input, I’m happy to hear it.

Tier 1 Projects:

Advisory Squad / Westie Dev Team

Avoiding burn-out, delegating.

Advisory vs. volunteers vs. both

Putting people in skill areas they excel at.

Giving others an opportunity to be a part of something bigger.

new perspectives


3rd party perspective — help with interpersonal issues, challenging situations, etc., and to not feel as much as the burden falls on my shoulders, etc. (although it still does at the end of the day)

What way to provide value back to Volunteers?

51/49 split – Austin still retains decision making ability/has final say, BUT I personally want people to recognize that their input is still valuable and appreciated even if I go against is suggested by an individual or the collective. I’m generally pretty open-minded. I also want people to feel like they have the agency to take action on, enact certain things, create projects/initiatives, reach out, answer things, provide help etc.

By nomination and/or invite only. NOT OPEN REQUESTS.

Mini Town Hall?


The Red Tape


Non profit?

Shenanigans of non profit?

Austin pay or no?

Marketing, Communication, Connection

Framework of club, copy, funnel, ads


Video projects

Facebook, Adwords, Word of Mouth, Promotion, Meetup, etc.

FB Page

FB Group

Email Newsletter

FB Bot beep-boop



Evaluate 2018

KEY – Establish overwhelming majority of consistency in dates (e.g., 2nd Sat or whatever)


Number of dates? e.g., keep with 1sun, 1sat — or only do one date?


Themes (: e.g., genre night, 50/50, jack and jill, strictly, spotlight, era, costume/dress-up, glitz ‘n glam, dinner, ladies/guys night, college night, role reversal

Tier 2 Projects:

6 Week Series

Integrated into WPG, WN or separate

repeating series for newcomers

opportunities for beginner/int+ to reinforce their understanding + help peers

Opportunity for int+ to become Westie Guides

Branding: Logo, Motto, Shirts

Finalizing 2019 version of logo (which atm is likely to stay the same as the current – just decide on a color for certain).

Motto – need to revisit prior suggestion/request thread and make a decision.

See if I can incorporate this into a new logo and/or new graphic in general, and then:

Figure out how to incorporate it onto a shirt, order, and distribute.

2018 Survey

@community: How did the club do

WPG 2019

Evaluate progress of WPG 2018, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

What are the new goals?

Keep the same format? new format?

> Sunset > Convert to also include emphasis of a social dance night? e.g., blackout / swungover

Price evaluation

@Ch – designated contribution time vs. dance time #boundaries

Operation Sunset / Blackout

WPG adaption or new event to also include emphasis of a social dance night? e.g., blackout / swungover

Social: Westie Bombs, Dungeons & Triples, etc.

Westie Bombing bars, etc.

Dungeons & Triples

Dine ‘n Swing

NonDance(oriented) outings

Roadtrip to other club/event

Tier 3 Projects:


1-2 day event

differnet prices

micro group rates



Potential champs:


Michael Kielbasa

Myles & Tessa

Stacy & Hugo

Robert Royston

Jessica & Diego

Mario Robau




Magic Markers

Arjay Centeno

Jerome & Bonnie

Stephen / Sonya

Kevin & Shanti



Brian B

Westie Bestie Project

Podcast and/or interview and/or spotlight of various core members of the community.

e.g., a brief, easy going interview about their dance, what they’re working on, their goals, how they got their start, their experiences with local westies, travleing to events etc etc.

A combination of by-invite + by community nomination.

~ 1 per month.

Focusing on members of the community who are contributing to the development/growth of the community, or are active at events, or etc.

Sweden Levels & Progression


Mock J&J & other funsies

Fun jack and jill with rewards

other funsies events, e.g., in the summer or something “midsummer”