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fwWesties Virtual Hangout

We are setting up a virtual space for our community to meetup at scheduled times. This is both in an effort to keep our community connected during this ‘social distancing’ period of COVID-19 as well as setting up infrastructure to allow us to meet regularly/on-demand in the future.

What We Use

ZOOM – an online group video/audio conferencing platform for mobile and desktop. We can explore alternatives if needed.

Zoom allows for virtually endless number of people in one room for up to 40 minutes per group session on the free version (we can just end-and-restart if we get to that limit).

You can opt into video or not – the choice is yours. (: It’s fine if you want to use audio only.

How to Join

Join the fwWesties Recurring Friday VIRTUALground event with this link:

Meeting ID: 159-398-123

Password (if needed): 01010

If he is not hosting, someone else can/will host.

Feel free to take initiative if Austin is unavailable for any reason!

Alternatively, you may need to join Austin’s room directly; try this if the above link does not work:

When We’ll Meet

Check the Facebook Group for more information, but the current plan is to meet at the same time as our WPG event if we are not hosting WPG that week.

Installing Zoom

Dowload options for Zoom: