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Large Musical Variety

West Coast Swing (WCS) can be danced to just about any slow-to-moderate tempo song in popular genres:

Pop, Contemporary, Blues, Motown, R&B, Soul, Country, Top 40s Charts and more!

WCS is the dance for you if you like variety and want to have the option to dance just about anywhere you go.

Improvisational & Personalized

There is unparalleled freedom and opportunities for creative expression through West Coast Swing.

You and your partner can “improvise” during the dance and add your own personality, making every single dance you have a unique dance.

West Coast Swing is the dancer’s dance.

Playful, Smooth, Fun – and More!

As one of the most versatile social dances, West Coast Swing has many different ‘styles’ and ‘looks’ that are attributed to it – based on what you know, the musical style, the speed of the music, and the kind of ‘feel’ you want to exhibit in your dancing.

In West Coast Swing, we work off of guidelines, not strict rules. WCS is about expression and creativity.

This video features a “weekend event” and what social dancing can look look like at various WCS events (with a smaller crowd at local events) – a casual environment where everyone dances with everyone.

Fun Social Activity

Learning West Coast Swing will open up many doors for your personal and social life – whether you’re more reserved or a social butterfly. Dancing is for everyone.

Not only is it an incredibly fulfilling dance to learn, but you will also have the opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and become a part of an incredible community of dancers in the Fort Wayne region.

Welcoming Competitive Community

If competition and challenging yourself is up your alley, you won’t find a more welcoming and inclusive community of competitors than that of the West Coast Swing (or “Westie”) culture.

Through Jack & Jills, Strictly Swing, Classic Routines, Rising Star, and more – there are opportunities for everyone to compete and get into the spotlight.

From beginners to higly experienced dancers, there’s a place for everyone.

This video is a “Jack and Jill” of Novice (new-to-beginner) dancers, where each person is paired randomly to another dancer and then dance to a randomly chosen song.