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by Austin Pranger

A collection of monthly “Top Songs” that are …

  • community + personal favorites
  • commonly played songs at our events
  • from special moments during an event
  • new, popular, or “classic” songs in the westie scene
  • driving the feel and vibe of the playlist that month

Community Lists

Song of the Month
Song Requests - WPG

2020 westie.vibes

First song on the list is the Song of the Month!

“For me, westie.vibes is a state of presence where you are more elevated in your thought and movement – influenced by the music to bring your best self to the dance floor and stretch beyond your comfort zone.”

Music has been a keystone of Austin’s love of West Coast Swing ever since he first discovered it in 2016. Up until he became a “Westie,” he was learning ballroom and only enjoyed “ballroom music” because it was dance-able to.

As soon as he discovered the wide range of music that West Coast Swing could be danced to, the dance quickly rose in priority. Add in all the creativity, play, and connection of the dance – it was game over.

In 2019 he started creating playlists/sets for Westie PLAYgrounds and Westie Nights to bring awareness to different styles of West Coast Swing music and introduce “weekend event vibes” to the local scene.

While still learning to create sets and “DJ” for the Fort Wayne Westies, he places an emphasis on the ‘ooey gooey’ late night music that he fell in love with at Indy Dance X, his first swing weekend event in 2017.