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Westie PLAYground


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Info about the Westie PLAYground

Select Fridays, 7p – 9:30p+
At the Anchor Room (7145 IN-1, Ossian, IN)
$5 pp (first time is free)

The Westie PLAYground is a weekly recurring event where first-timers and experienced dancers meetup in a casual, friendly, and social environment to learn, discuss, practice, and dance West Coast Swing.

This event is open to all levels – including absolute beginners!

Most dance events don’t give dancers an opportunity to specifically practice, break-down what they’re working on, or experiment with their peers. The Westie PLAYground is designed intentionally to give you the space and time to learn, practice, and experiment in a casual environment.

PLAY your way to mastery!

Topic of the Night

Every Westie PLAYground features a central topic that the night will be planned around. This is a fluid topic and is only meant to set the stage, spark conversation, and create structure as needed. The group may decide to branch off and work on different elements. The Topic of the Night is the ice-breaker and the conversation starter.

Topics may include connection, grounding, basic patterns, fundamentals, partnership, styling, musicality, dancer inspiration, and much more. These topics are influenced by the community and its needs.

Three Segments to Learn + Practice + Dance

(Notice how much we emphasize practice!)

(1) Learning & Discussion (& Practice) (45-60 mins)

New and experienced dancers alike will benefit from this open-ended platform to learn, discuss, and practice. Beginners will focus on the basics of West Coast Swing, with the opportunity to practice and ask questions as challenges arise. Experienced dancers will have the opportunity to discuss topics, brainstorm solutions, practice with repetition, get supportive feedback, and more.

You’re encouraged to bring new ideas, fancy patterns, videos, drills — and whatever else you’re excited about.

(2) Integration & Experimentation (& Practice) (30-60 mins)

Through practice, repetition, and experimentation, we’ll be able to build our new knowledge and confidence into our dancing habits. This is an open-ended segment where we may practice with partners and rotate, play “Westie Games,” work on drills, and more. Music will be available for you to work on integrating what you learned in a social dance environment.

You are 100% encouraged to ask someone to practice with you (such as repeating a pattern, movement, drill, etc.), ask for help, request feedback, and so on.

(3) Dance & PLAY! (& Practice) (30-60 mins+)

The last and final segment is to let loose and have fun. Music and space will be available for people to “just dance” and test out their new skills as if they were at a normal social dance. Those that want to continue to practice are also encouraged to do so. Both are welcome.

Westie PLAYgrounds, like any playground out there, are designed to give you the freedom to explore and stretch yourself so that you can have fun, find and exceed your limits, and challenge yourself to grow – while building your fellow Westies up.

This event will have a casual, low-key atmosphere so that you’ll feel encouraged to ask questions, provide solutions, experiment in your dancing, and help your peers. An instructor will be available to guide the group through concepts, but the event is flexible enough to focus on the needs of the group.

You’re encouraged to ask questions and contribute in ways you think will help the group or individual peers.

Any skill-level is welcome. First timers and aspiring dancers are encouraged to attend a Westie PLAYground as their first experience – you’ll get your beginnings in West Coast Swing and learn the basics!

Find upcoming Westie PLAYground dates to the side or at the fwWesties Facebook Page – Events.

WPG Requests & Potential Topics/Themes




Fundamentals/Basics (and the order in which to learn/progress through them).

Cool Footwork

Genre Night

Mock J&J

Critiques & Constructive Feedback

December WPG • 07

WPG 07, December 7 – “Mock & Jill”


November WPG • 03 + 04 + 05 + 06

WPG 03, November 2nd – “Are You Listening or Auto-piloting?”


WPG 04, November 9th – “Walking in Style!”


WPG 05, November 16th – “Rinse and Repeat!”


WPG 06, November 30th – Topic TBD


October WPG • 01 + 02

WPG 01, October 12 – “Introductions, Basics, and Goals”


WPG 02, October 19 – “Stretch, Slingshots, and Springs!”